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Wu Tongs medium


Wu Tongs

Wu Tongs are pair of kitchen tongs that is designed for use on non-stick kitchenware; they are also ideal for table use, with salads, bread and the like.

Wu Tongs long; 25cm long

Wu Care
Wash with mild soapy water, rinse and dry; immediately.

Materials; American Black Walnut

Designed by Martin Horgan 2011
Produced by Craftek

The legend of the Wu Tong

While working on the kitchen tongs over a period of months I struggled to come up with a name. Then one day while sanding some it hit me as I looked down and saw the UU U. From this I started to think of how the Wu-Tang Clan got their name from old Kung Fu movies (the Wu Tang sword style). It was also at this time that I stumbled across the chopsticks, a happy accident when I kept sanding down a pair of Wu Tongs and the Wu Tong Sticks were born. It all seemed to come together and the Wu Tong Style developed into a new form of chopstick training.


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